結果真的是對“Apple & Pear" 過敏啦...........

而且指數(1.10 和 1.62)是屬於”0.70-3.49KU/L Moderate(中度)的“...........Shocked


之前我上網查詢時,真的是有夠奇怪Question Mark?

剛開始, 先用中文搜尋引擎查,


打電話回台灣告訴我媽,順便問問他的意見,Chatty 2






Oral allergy syndrome or OAS is a type of food allergy typified by a cluster of allergic reactions in the mouth in response to eating certain (usually fresh) fruits( Apple & Pear), nuts, and vegetables that typically develops in hay fever sufferers. Another term used for this syndrome is '"Pollen-Food Allergy."
However, unlike other food allergies, in oral allergy syndrome, the reaction is limited to the mouth, lips, tongue and throat.
OAS is a Type 1 or IgE-mediated immune response, which is sometimes called a "true allergy". The body's immune system produces IgE antibodies against pollen; in OAS, these antibodies also bind to (or cross-react with) other structurally similar proteins found in botanically related plants.
OAS can occur anytime of the year but is most prevalent during the pollen season. Individuals with OAS usually develop symptoms within a few minutes after eating the food.

The prevalence of apple allergy is most frequently associated with birch pollinosis in Northern Europe and North America. 40 to 90 % of birch pollen allergic patients are sensitized to apples. There is evidence for the predominant sensitization route by birch pollen allergens. Apple is known as one of the major foods involved in so-called "Oral Allergy Syndrome", which presents IgE-mediated symptoms occurring mainly at the mucosa of lips, tongue and throat after ingestion of apples and other fruits. Systemic reactions including anaphylaxis occur more frequently in apple allergic patients without related pollinosis. 

還好.... 看起來應該是........好發於”花粉季節(Spring)",




基督-是我家之主! 老公-是我家之煮!

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